Improving Cell Permeability & Intracellular Selectivity of Peptides to Unlock a Realm of New Intracellular Targets

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Workshop B


This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of strategies to enhance the cell permeability of peptides. Attendees will gain insights into innovative structural modifications and nanocarrier-based strategies, empowering them with knowledge to advance peptide delivery into cells for various therapeutic interventions.

• Exploring chemical modifications and structural alterations to improve cell penetration

• Novel peptide designs and conjugation approaches for increased cellular uptake

• Discussing transporter-mediated and nanocarrier-based approaches for facilitating cellular internalization

• Utilizing cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) and peptide nanocarriers for efficient delivery

• Harnessing membrane transporters and peptide-functionalized nanomaterials for intracellular transport

• Examining advancements in nanotechnology for targeted intracellular peptide delivery

• Uncovering challenges and opportunities in translating membrane-permeable peptides into clinical applications