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The inaugural Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit unites the pioneers within peptide-based drugs across diverse diseases and therapeutic approaches. With advancing technology driving forward the speed of discovery within the peptide space in addition to emerging solutions to improve oral bioavailability and intracellular targeting, there is more momentum than ever before within this new era of peptide-based therapeutics.

Whether your team is ahead of the curve and currently pursuing this approach, or if you are looking to gain deeper insights into this field to extend your current pipeline, this conference was designed to inspire and facilitate the discovery of the next generation of innovative peptide-based therapeutics.

Whether you're focused on peptide drug conjugates, bicyclic or macro-cyclic peptides, PCSK9, GLP, or any other peptide-based therapeutic, this is an invaluable opportunity to learn from peers, accelerate discovery and improve the development of your peptide therapeutics.


Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit

Discover the latest cutting-edge discovery technology, from in-house screening to external peptide optimisation platforms to identify the highest quality lead compounds quicker than ever

Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit

Hear from the leading minds in peptide formulation to uncover new ways of raising peptide oral bioavailability for new and improved therapeutic potential

Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit

Uncover case studies from pioneering medicinal chemists, with new and innovative ways to optimize the pharmacokinetic properties of compounds to tailor them for therapeutic success in a range of different diseases

Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit

Navigate the front line of scientific insights, assays, and case studies regarding intracellular targeting of peptides and improving intracellular selectivity to unlock a realm of new targets and therapeutic potential

Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit

Explore the vast landscape of peptide-based therapeutic approaches, from peptide-radioconjugates to small macrocycles, to spark ideas for innovative new approaches and potential collaborations


This meeting will bring together the leading minds in early discovery, pre-formulation, heads of peptide drug development & pioneering peptide chemists covering challenges from early discovery into clinical development of these exciting drugs


“Very excited to continue to share learnings with colleagues about how peptides can be turned into therapeutics across a diverse array of indications and applications”

Pete Gough, Chief Scientific Officer, Nimble Therapeutics

Nimble Therapeutics

“The scientific conference covered a wide range of modalities and
drug conjugate projects"

Debiopharm's Feedback from similar Hanson Wade Event

“ In a short time frame, it was possible to meet and have productive conversations with many people. Great conference!"

Dyne Therapeutics' Feedback from similar Hanson Wade Event

Dyne Therapteutics

“ Very high quality of talks!"

Eisai's Feedback from similar Hanson Wade Event

“ Great educational conference and opportunity to network!"

Elucida Oncology's Feedback from similar Hanson Wade Event

Elucida Oncology