Bicycle Radionuclide Conjugates for precision targeting of solid tumors

Time: 10:00 am
day: Conference Day 2


  • Bicycle® molecules are a novel peptide-based modality consisting of constrained peptides that form a bi-cyclic structure via ligation to a chemical scaffold and which are discovered using the Bicycle® phage display platform and have potential broad utility, allowing efficient and targeted delivery of different classes of payloads into tumors.
  • We are developing Bicycle Radionuclide Conjugates (BRC™ molecules), in which Bicycle® molecules are employed as targeting vectors to deliver radioisotopes to tumors for cancer imaging and therapy.
  • Bicycle® molecules exhibit properties that make them an ideal modality for radionuclide delivery. They can achieve exquisite binding specificity and high binding affinity and have demonstrated rapid tumor penetration, resulting in high accumulation of payload in the tumor but with limited exposure to normal tissues.
  • We have used in vitro cell binding assays and mouse cell line derived xenograft models to characterize early MT1 targeted BRC™ molecules to establish binding properties and in vivo biodistribution and demonstrated that —BRC™ molecules can be chemically optimized to improve their in vivo biodistribution profiles.